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I'm Laura – writer, editor, and dreamer of really weird stuff (and hater of writing about yourself in the third person).

I am also a trained dancer and musician, and sometime artist. A Medical Editor by trade, I love film (especially thrillers and horrors – quelle surprise), bingeing boxsets, and adopting cats (not many more until crazy cat lady status is achieved). I also have teenage twin boys, who overtook me in height several years ago. I met my awesome boyfriend at work and coerced him into doing all of my design work (dating a graphic designer is THE BEST). Contrary to the dark stuff I write, my house is always alive with noise, music, miaowing, and dancing. My boyfriend calls me 'charming' – which is just a tactful way of saying I'm annoying (only when bored or procrastinating, honest).

Dreams and the unconscious mind have fascinated me for years. I have vivid, recurring, and sometimes lucid dreams that I attempt to interpret and often remember for years afterwards. Freudian theory and The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins) have had a significant influence on my writing, with both leading me to wonder what effect drugs might have on memories we cannot consciously access.

Writing a book didn't occur to me for a long time. I had a dream when I was younger about an empty shopping centre, a bleak grey space where doors didn't open and stairs led nowhere. Some years later, I wondered what it would be like to be stuck in such a place, permanently and all alone, and so decided to write a character in that position. I knew I wanted to create something that bucked norms and traditions – something you couldn't guess the ending to. And so, Let Me Sleep was born. I submitted the first draft to Richard and Judy's 'Become a bestseller' competition, thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. It wasn't. However, several years, a number of rewrites, and much experience later, I'm finally ready to share my words and release Let Me Sleep into the big wide world.


I'd be thrilled if you would like to follow my self-publishing journey – social media links are at the bottom of the page and you can sign up to my mailing list for exclusive content and giveaways.


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